About Basic Outline

Thank you for checking out the about us page. 

The Basic Outline brand is operated by a team of a founder who is also a mum of 2 whose children are 1 and 4 years old. She knows how much hassle it is to be a parent and she simply wanted to make everyday life much easier and simpler

Basic Outline is supposed to focus on all areas of home design but now it is mostly focused on the Nurseries. We saw the opportunity in helping connect different products that people try to buy from all over the internet all in one place. Now we are connecting with brands that are big and small in order to provide the best possible experience for the buyer. 

We already know how much hassle goes into preparing the space for the baby and we wanted to clear up at least one part and it is having a nursery that you can only dream of and you can purchase anything you like from one website. Although our product selection is quite small, we are rapidly growing and negotiating with different brands and customers to create the best products possible.